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I. Instruction

This is a theme photography works collecting system called “See Beauty of Science through Lens” on this website, hereinafter referred to as the “Website”

II. Privacy Policy

You are required to provide relative personal information when registering for the membership service on this Website; you should be aware that the Website will automatically receive and record the server data on your browser when you use the services of this Website or participate in the activities held on this Website, including but not limited to IP, Cookie data, and the webpage records you access to; the Website hereby promises that, your password, mobile phone number and other non-public information provided on the site would not be disclosed, unless being required by the member’s personal demand, or requirements of laws and other legal proceedings, or changes and amendments to service clauses, etc.

For purpose serving users, the "Website" may provide services to you by using your personal information, including but not limited to sending you messages about activities and services.

Meanwhile, members shall promise to abide by the following requirements:

01. The registered username and nickname shall be in line with the Internet moral and meet the requirements of relative laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

02. The registered username and nickname shall not include any controversial words or symbols such as threats, obscenities, ridicule, illegal, or infringement of the rights of others

03. Members shall properly keep their accounts and passwords after registration, and shall be fully liable for all losses arising due to data disclosure by themselves.

04. Members shall not embezzle other's account, or else, they shall be fully liable for all consequences therefrom.

Your personal information could be partially or fully disclosed under the following circumstances:

01. Disclose to a third party with your consent;

02. If you are an eligible IPR complainant and have submitted complaint, then in response to the appeal of the respondent, your personal information will be disclosed to the respondent in order for solving the disputes between you two concerning parties;

03. Disclose to a third party, or administrative or judicial institutions according to the provisions of relative laws or requirements of administrative or judicial institutions;

04. Disclose to a third party in case that you have any behavior breaching relative Chinese laws or website policy;

05. Your personal information has to be shared with any third party in order to provide product or service you require;

06. Other proper disclosure by the Website according to laws or website policy.

III. Statement of Liability

The “Website” shall not be liable for any service interruptions due to technological problems or unforeseeable reasons, or any losses caused by illegal operation of specific members. Meanwhile, members shall take civil or criminal legal liability by themselves, which is directly or indirectly caused by their own behavior.

IV. Liabilities of Members

01. It is forbidden to use the Website to engage in any act endangering national security or disclosing national secrets; it is forbidden to infringe on national, social, collective and citizens’ legitimate rights and interests; and it is forbidden to take use of the Website to produce, copy or spread the information as follows:

(1) Inciting resistance to and violation against implementation of the Constitution, laws and administrative regulations;

(2) Inciting subversion of state power and overthrowing of socialist system;

(3) Inciting secession of state and harming of state unity;

(4) Inciting resentment, discrimination and unity among the nationalities;

(5) Fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumors and disturbing the society order.

(6) Propagating feudalism and superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror and incitement to crime;

(7) Publicly insulting others or fabricating facts to slander others, or conducting other malicious attacks.

(8) Damaging credibility of state agencies

(9) Other acts against the provisions of Constitution, laws and administrative regulations

(10) Commercial advertising

02. Neither member is entitled in any commercial activities in name of this Website without prior authorization or license, or take this Website as the venue, platform or any other form of media for doing commercial business. Besides, it is prohibited to take this Website as the venue, platform or any other form of media for doing any illegal acts. Those who breach laws shall be held legally and fully liable for all consequences therefrom. And in this case, this Website shall not undertake any responsibility.

V. Statement of Copyright

Any information in any form released by any member on this Website shall be deemed that the specific members transfer the rights of release, collect and compile, revise, and right of network communication of specific information to the operator of this Website exclusively and free of charge. This agreement has constituted the written form agreement as required in Clause 25 of the Copyright Law and shall come into effect ever since the user ticking “agree” option for this agreement. Besides, it is applicable for all contents released by the user on this Website since it comes into effect.

Members who agree on and are clear to the articles abovementioned, shall not post or authorize any other website (and media) to use the information posted on the Website already.

Meanwhile, the “Website” shall reserve the rights to delete various comments against any related requirements without notifying specific members.

VI. Disclaimer

01. This “Website” provides Internet users with Internet services of information storage space. We hereby make no statement or guarantee on the correctness or reliability of any contents, information or advertisements contained in, by way of, access to, or download from this Website. Meanwhile, “the Website” does not undertake any responsible to any products, information or material that is purchased and obtained by users going through content, advertisement and exhibition on the Website. Users shall undertake all risks arising due to the use of this Website.

02. This “Website” shall have the right but no obligation to improve or correct any omission or mistake on any part of the Website.

03. Related information on the Website only represents individual points of publishers and does not represent that the Website agrees on the specific points or verify the description. The Website shall not undertake any legal responsibly incurred therefrom.

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